A. Shipping and Delivery

A.1. Preparation - How fast will my order be sent?

In general, I am able to prepare and send your order within 5 days.

A.2. Delivery - How long will my order take to be delivered?

Your order will be sent by the French Post services. The following deadlines must be provided according to the destination:

 - North America: 5-14 business days

 - Asia Pacific: 7-14 business days

 - Europe: 3-8 business days

 - France: 2-4 business days

I'll do my best to meet these shipping estimates, but I cannot guarantee them.

A.3. Delivery - Would I receive a tracking number?

For all orders, you can opt for a delivery with tracking. This is offered before paiement.

A.4. Delivery - How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping costs abroad are expensive in France, but I pay for up to 60% of them. You will nevertheless have to participate according to the following rates:

France: 1,30 € up to 100g, 2,30 € up to 500g and 3,30 € up to 2 kg,

European Union: 1,90 € up to 50g, 2,30 € up to 100g, 5,40 € up to 250g, 6,60€ up to 500g and 7,90 € up to 2kg,

Rest of the World: 1,70 € up to 100g, 3,30 € up to 230g, 4,30€ up to 500g and 5,30 € up to 2 kg

A.5. Delivery - How is my order packaged?

In general, orders are sent in envelopes and can be delivered to you in your mailbox. The largest orders or orders with a thickness greater than 3 cm (for example a book) are sent by parcel with a tracking number.

B. Prices

B.1. Prices - Why prices sometimes change slightly?

As a French resident, the prices of my shop are set in Euros, I periodically update the exchange rates, which explains these slight variations.